Nataly & Euan { part 2 – Western Ceremony }


Natalie McComas_Cambodia 202

Nataly & Euan held their western celebration the day after their traditional Khmer ceremony – a year ago this week!

I apologise for the lengthy post but once again, there was no shortage of beautiful moments to capture!

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Eloping in Japan


Photograh by Natalie McComas_Stesh & Dave_Tokyo

Just last week childhood sweethearts Stesh & Dave eloped under this cherry blossom tree in Kinuta Park, Tokyo.

What a dream to photograph for them there.

What a dream to see those blossoms!

So many more pics to come from this week in Japan.

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Nataly & Euan { part 1 – Khmer Ceremony }


Natalie McComas_Cambodia 099

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for quite some time now. I am struggling to put into words all the wonderful experiences, joyous emotions, untouched landscapes and amazing people that made up our week in Cambodia. Nataly and Euan have been dear friends of mine for quite some time, so it was a very special honour to photograph their wedding weekend at Knai Bang Chatt…

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Kep, Cambodia


Photography by Natalie McComas | Cambodia 006

In May this year, I travelled to Cambodia to photograph two beautiful weddings; one Khmer, one Western, for my dear friends, Nataly & Euan. The weddings were held in the quiet, seaside town of Kep, four hours south by bus from Phnom Penh, at the dreamy Knai Bang Chatt resort…

We had a couple of hours spare on our last day in Kep to explore some of these crumbling, French colonial mansions abandoned all those years ago. They are beautiful, yet haunting, evocative spaces.

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instagram favourites


Natalie McComas | Instagram

Here are a few of my favourite shots from my iPhone over the last 6 months… I love using my iPhone as a personal camera : ) After carrying my heavy gear around to job after job, sometimes it just nice to whip out my tiny iPhone and snap inconspicuously.

My instagram feed is a visual diary of my life as a traveller, photographer, aunty and finder of beauty in the everyday. Find me on instagram here to follow me and my future adventures : )

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The Falklands


Photography by Natalie McComas | The Falklands 009

Hasn’t this year flown by? So much has happened in this last six months… My personal work takes a big back seat when it comes to cataloging and blogging sometimes. So I must go back to the very start of the year when I was possibly the furthest I’ll ever be from home and the closest I’ll ever get to Antartica.

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Nataly & Euan


Photograph by Natalie McComas | Nataly & Euan

Here is a sneak peek from the Khmer wedding I photographed in May this year for Nataly & Euan…

Such an amazing story, can’t wait to share the rest.

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Feature on Kinfolk Journal



Some of my most favourite photos from our Europe road trip have been featured here on the Kinfolk Journal just in time for Halloween : ) …

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I stumbled upon this street of colour in Brighton and loved how all the doorways looked so cheerful, so welcoming, so unique. So I photographed the whole street. In the pouring rain. Holding an umbrella in one hand. Pulling my […]

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The day may have been grey but the tiny, English sea-side town of Clovelly was bursting with colour. We visited in November and saw very few people but were told that it is a different story during the peak holiday […]

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I adored Switzerland. There were chimney’s that looked like houses. Wooden rocking horses in public parks. Heated floors. Crisp air. Raclette : ). Hot red sunsets. Pumpkins on windowsills. Outdoor springs and shooting stars… The best part was visiting our […]

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I don’t really want to tell you where this is… I want to keep it a secret! It was an unexpected little beauty on some awfully rocky, narrow, windy, steep highway through the mountains between Nice and Chamonix. It was […]

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We spent a whole day walking through the fortified city of Carcassone, it’s quiet cobbled streets and stone towers. I had the most hearty three course french meal for lunch {vegetable soup, duck a l’orange and chocolate mousse} at a quaint […]

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Once we arrived in Andorra we were feeling pretty stir crazy. We had spent four weeks in our van and it had been rainy and cold for days. Nothing was dry, we couldn’t do too much outside, our gas bottle had run […]

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All the roads ahead



For some reason, in the UK, international drivers whose occupation is ‘photographer’ (among 10 other random occupations; Journalist, Diplomat, High Profile Athlete) cannot get insurance to drive a car they have purchased over there. Maybe it is because we spend […]

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The drive along the coastline from San Sebastian to Mundaka was a drive I could do again and again and find many more pictures to take each time. Jagged cliff faces dropped straight into the ocean and steep valleys circled […]

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San Sebastian



It was a grey day as we practised our limited Spanish and headed into the Basque country of northern Spain. You couldn’t see the mountains for the rain when we arrived, but the next morning the sun broke out and we […]

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Favourites from our first week in France


There were so many pretty, old towns as we drove from the north to the south-west of France.  I especially loved reading the cottage names; Le Bungalow, Le Chene, Floretica … and trying to guess what they might mean or […]

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After the cold, cold nights in Amsterdam & Belgium we finally caught up to some glorious summer-ish weather on the west coast of France, in Biarritz. We walked the coastline with bright eyes and a skip in our step… No […]

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My first frost



Ice crystals line the edges of all the leaves lying in the mid-morning shade of the mountains. Beautiful.  

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Making our way round



It’s a lovely night outside tonight, the moon is high and full. It’s 11.30pm, we’ve been drinking Bailey’s and researching some of our next moves along the coast. I’m standing outside our camper in the dark, in my thermals trying to […]

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Hedgehogs and chocolate waffles in Amsterdam


Amsterdam has been one of my favourite places so far. I loved peering into people’s windows from the street and seeing glimpses of paint-brushes, unfinished artworks and people’s cool nik-naks. I loved the chocolate covered waffles… even better once warmed […]

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Walking through the old city of Bruges



Horses clip-clopped on the cobblestones, locals zoomed around on their bikes and I ate a whole bag of delicious dark chocolate as we walked the streets of the old Bruges city. We found a cosy corner in a hostel selling […]

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Apple Day at Calke Abbey

calke abbey_natmccU

Nestled in the luscious countryside of Ticknall, Derbyshire is the fascinating treasure chest of Calke Abbey. There is so much history within this country-house estate and the families, who inhabited it and contributed to it from 1704 for three centuries, […]

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Norway by Natalie McComas_014

Norway reminded me of those paintings you do as a child – where you fold it in half and it smears over, mirroring the other side. The reflections were so perfect, so still, that you could not tell where the […]

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