Beautiful in this skin



Hello there. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of the new portrait series I am undertaking. Beautiful in this Skin portrays subjects with dramatic, visible birthmarks and explores the effects this has had on their lives and psyches. This […]

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Vision Magazine | China


Tina - Vision Magazine, China

Vision Magazine from China featured three of my personal documentary series, Tina, Paula & Tails of The City.

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and… what lies beneath


flood_natmccomas (15)

Most volunteers didn’t even stop to think ‘where do I start.’  They just got in there and got to it. A couple of houses I visited had had water up to the ceiling. Everything… gone. The smell was overpowering, they […]

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Sarah giving Misty a bath



Finalist in the Moran Photographic Prize.
This image was shot as part of the series Tails in the City, commissioned by The Historic Houses Trust in Sydney.

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Birthday Wishes


Twelve-year old Cecilia’s pool party

This documentary series celebrates the vibrant chaos of children’s birthday rituals, particularly the special luxuries and the little delicacies that we learn to expect on such occasions. The series questions if there  exists an underlying competitiveness and pressure for parents, targeted by advertising and the immense number of birthday packages available to families, to be bigger and better.

Entire series shot on Fuji 400 film.

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