It’s a lovely night outside tonight, the moon is high and full. It’s 11.30pm, we’ve been drinking Bailey’s and researching some of our next moves along the coast. I’m standing outside our camper in the dark, in my thermals trying to pick up some better wifi. We are in Aix-en Provence, France, making our way over to Italy and were especially looking forward to reaching Cinque Terre but unfortunately that area and northern Italy have been hit with severe flooding and mud-slides just last week, so we are having to make some major changes to our trip.

When we try to think of what we were doing this time last week, it’s impossible to recall. We’ve seen massive waves in Spain, snowy mountains in Andorra, had cyclonic winds beat our little van in Pamplona… and eaten plenty of paella, tapas and french pastries along the way.

Today as we were driving along a two lane highway, out of no where, two white, brilliant looking horses galloped right towards us in our lane… luckily all the traffic on the other side of the road had stopped and we could go around them slowly.

We’ve been having some random adventures but we have also been missing everything familiar and Australian lately and can’t wait to catch the last of the summer back home.

I don’t know where we will be this time next week, we thought we’d be in Italy eating pizza, but now we’re not so sure.