After the cold, cold nights in Amsterdam & Belgium we finally caught up to some glorious summer-ish weather on the west coast of France, in Biarritz. We walked the coastline with bright eyes and a skip in our step… No thermals, no jumper.

You can’t beat golden afternoon light by the seaside.

The stone walkways seemed ancient and camouflaged beautifully into the rocky cliff faces. The waves surged and beat against them, spraying over…

We ate chocolate crepes.

Little boats swayed in the harbour.

Little dogs trotted past.

Children dared the waves.

Some people braved the aqua waters and others watched them from a birds eye view.

That evening we shared a bowl of salad sitting in our van with our only window facing the mountainous coastline of Spain, covered in thick dark rain clouds with twinkling town lights piercing through. Thankfully, that night, there was no knock on the door telling us to move on. The world went by us as we stole a million dollar spot facing the ocean, falling asleep to the sound of the waves.