Let there be Rock


photo by Natalie McComas for Smith Journal_017

Here are some outtakes from my day spent photographing in the humid, summer rain for Smith Journal with rock God, Andy Walker. I was completely fascinated by Andy’s knowledge of all things rock and the rustic walls, of all sorts, that he builds daily, in and around the Byron Shire.

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Nataly & Euan { part 2 – Western Ceremony }


Natalie McComas_Cambodia 202

Nataly & Euan held their western celebration the day after their traditional Khmer ceremony – a year ago this week!

I apologise for the lengthy post but once again, there was no shortage of beautiful moments to capture!

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Come round tomorrow


Photograph By Natalie McComas_ Frankie fashion Shoot_013

Wandering these streets, taking pictures for Frankie Magazine’s latest fashion feature was like a skip down memory lane for me.

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Eloping in Japan


Photograh by Natalie McComas_Stesh & Dave_Tokyo

Just last week childhood sweethearts Stesh & Dave eloped under this cherry blossom tree in Kinuta Park, Tokyo.

What a dream to photograph for them there.

What a dream to see those blossoms!

So many more pics to come from this week in Japan.

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Vsco Grid


Natalie McComas_vsco grid

I’ve recently joined VSCO Grid

… are you there too? Come and say hi : )

Follow me here: http://natmccomas.vsco.co

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Nataly & Euan { part 1 – Khmer Ceremony }


Natalie McComas_Cambodia 099

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for quite some time now. I am struggling to put into words all the wonderful experiences, joyous emotions, untouched landscapes and amazing people that made up our week in Cambodia. Nataly and Euan have been dear friends of mine for quite some time, so it was a very special honour to photograph their wedding weekend at Knai Bang Chatt…

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Marni & Thom


Photography by Natalie McComas_Marni & Thomas 112

Marni & Thom held their wedding day in Thom’s hometown of Yamba. What a lovely, sleepy town it is! The sea salted air and pretty beaches remind me so much of growing up by the Coffs coast and the many weekends we spent as a family in and by the water.

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The Kinfolk Table – Dinner


Natalie McComas_Kinfolk Dinner 008

To celebrate the launch of Kinfolk’s first cookbook: The Kinfolk Table, a small crew in Brisbane gathered on the beautiful grounds of St Francis College in Milton.

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Sarah & David


Natalie McComas_SDW_398

In the hot, westerly wind last summer, two souls eloped… and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever been a part of.

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VSCO Journal Feature



Hop over to the VSCO Journal to read an interview on me and my work. It’s such an honour to be featured! I love their interviews on photographers from around the world.

Thanks VSCO!

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Kep, Cambodia


Photography by Natalie McComas | Cambodia 006

In May this year, I travelled to Cambodia to photograph two beautiful weddings; one Khmer, one Western, for my dear friends, Nataly & Euan. The weddings were held in the quiet, seaside town of Kep, four hours south by bus from Phnom Penh, at the dreamy Knai Bang Chatt resort…

We had a couple of hours spare on our last day in Kep to explore some of these crumbling, French colonial mansions abandoned all those years ago. They are beautiful, yet haunting, evocative spaces.

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instagram favourites


Natalie McComas | Instagram

Here are a few of my favourite shots from my iPhone over the last 6 months… I love using my iPhone as a personal camera : ) After carrying my heavy gear around to job after job, sometimes it just nice to whip out my tiny iPhone and snap inconspicuously.

My instagram feed is a visual diary of my life as a traveller, photographer, aunty and finder of beauty in the everyday. Find me on instagram here to follow me and my future adventures : )

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Photograph by Natalie McComas - Sandy

One favourite from my weekend of shooting.

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The Falklands


Photography by Natalie McComas | The Falklands 009

Hasn’t this year flown by? So much has happened in this last six months… My personal work takes a big back seat when it comes to cataloging and blogging sometimes. So I must go back to the very start of the year when I was possibly the furthest I’ll ever be from home and the closest I’ll ever get to Antartica.

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Nataly & Euan


Photograph by Natalie McComas | Nataly & Euan

Here is a sneak peek from the Khmer wedding I photographed in May this year for Nataly & Euan…

Such an amazing story, can’t wait to share the rest.

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Michael & Ina


Photography by Natalie McComas | Michael & Ina 102

Here is Michael & Ina’s most intimate wedding day… witnessed by their small family, the lake of Baroon Pocket and the sun as it peered in between the clouds.

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Karissa & Joel


Natalie McComas_Karissa & Joel_101

I had tingles up the back of my neck when Joel played his devotional song to Karissa as part of his vows. He said the song encapsulated a core value around which they wish to build their lives – acceptance.

Acceptance that life need only be about togetherness, no matter what happens…

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Beautiful in this skin



Hello there. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of the new portrait series I am undertaking. Beautiful in this Skin portrays subjects with dramatic, visible birthmarks and explores the effects this has had on their lives and psyches. This […]

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Sarah & Paul


Photograph by Natalie McComas | Sarah & Paul 072

After travelling through the the beautiful countryside of France last year with rusty stone lane ways, overgrown garden beds and vintage, wooden flower-stalls – I know exactly where Sarah and Paul’s inspiration came from for their wedding…

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Sarah & Jared


Photograph by Natalie McComas | Sarah & Jared136


What a special day this was.

How lucky I felt to be amongst it all… the beautiful light, the smiles, the blasting warmth of the bonfire, the squeal of the fireworks … I watched Sarah & Jared beaming from ear to ear all day long and night – loving life and everyone around them.

A big thank you to The Lane for featuring them today here.

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This November


Photograph by Natalie McComas

This November, summer crept up on me… I’ve barely had the time to blog…to write…to think.

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The Weekend Edition Interview


Natalie McComas_Weekend Edition

  An interview I did for The Weekend Edition is up today… Thanks Linsey!      

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This October…

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Our Corner Store


NatalieMcComas001_Corner Store

Stylist Annique Rousseau and myself were delighted to photograph for Our Corner Store, on the main street of Bangalow, not too long ago. Be sure to pop in and say HI to the lovely ladies, Aneka & Miranda, if you find yourself out that way!

Pia Jane Bijkerk has featured their beautiful store on the Country Style Homelife blog today…

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Anita & Alex


feature AAW_0735

On the most lovely Autumn day, when the trees couldn’t decide to wear green or brown or yellow… Anita & Alex were married under the lovely stone archway at Deux Belettes in the gorgeous afternoon light…

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